H.W for class VII

Science: read page 1-5 upto lesson 10 and draw T2 virus(3 times) and learn its usefulness

B.G.S: read page 1-5 and make 15 MCQ with ans

Eng. ii: read application 1,2 and e-mail 1,2 from syllabus

Bangla ii :read chap :1

Religion: read chap:1,l:2,3 and make 15 short question with answer

Math: Ex:1.1 problem:1-4

 Agriculture:read leson 2 and make 10 MCQ

Home Science HW for VII

Home .Science: read section A ch:II

Home Work ( Math & Higher Math) Class-IX)


Chapter-1 : Ex-1(REAL NUMBER): Definitions with examples of Natural number, Integers, Fractional number, Rational number, Irrational number, Decimal Fractional number, Real number, Positive number, Negative number, Non-Negative number, Terminating decimals, Recurring decimals, Non-terminating decimals.

Chapter-2 (SET & FUNCTION): Ex-1.1(Sets): Definitions with examples of Set, Finite set, Infinite set, Empty set, Subset, Proper set, Equivalent set, Difference of set, Universal set, Complement of a set, Union of sets, Intersection of sets, Disjoint of sets, Power sets, Ordered pair, Cartesian product.

 Higher Mathematics:

Chapter-1(Set & Function): Ex-1.1: All definitions of sets related.

Chapter-2(Algebraic Expressions): What is Polynomials, Polynomials in One variable,  Polynomials in Two variables, Polynomials in Three variables, Equality of Polynomials, Remainder theorem.

Chapter-14(Probability): Ex-14:Definitions with examples of Random experiment, Event, Equally likely Events, Mutually Exclusive Events, Favourable Outcomes, Sample space, Certain event, Impossible event.

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